Don't Let the Sand Slip Away From You

Preserve your waterfront by constructing a bulkhead

A home near a waterfront may be dreamy, but, depending on its proximity to the water, it carries the risk of water damage and flooding. Docks Unlimited LLC can help you take a proactive measure for protecting your home by building a bulkhead. We can build at a rate of 15 feet per day and can have the bulkhead complete in as little as a week. We can use wood or vinyl, and the vinyl we use is guaranteed for 50 years.

Contact us at 337-764-8833 to learn more about building a bulkhead on your property.

3 reasons to build a bulkhead

Without a high-quality bulkhead, your soil could dissolve into the body of water you plan to build next to. Here are a few reasons to count on Docks Unlimited LLC to build an excellent bulkhead for your property:

  1. Prevent the soil and sand on your property from eroding
  2. Protect your property from flooding and water damage during storms
  3. Minimize the occurrence of landslides and sink holes

Rely on Docks Unlimited LLC to preserve your property with a bulkhead.